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Slow Charging on Mobile Devices

Mobile Device Charging issues and the ugly truth

If you have tried using a generic USB power adapter and wondered why they are not charging very quickly then this is probably the reason why:

After a lot of testing trial and error and buying various different USB chargers thinking they are not fit for purpose […]

Mobile Phone Scams

A few days ago i started getting texts from Top Deals. I was quiet surprised as it was something that i hadn’t requested. I am also very careful when filling out forms to tick or un-tick box to ensure my details aren’t passed on to third parties or, that further promotions aren’t sent on.

The […]

Internet Fraud

Internet Fraud

It doesn’t matter how careful you are with updating your computer with the latest anti virus software, spy ware and switching on phishing alerts, you still need to be very careful about being duped into divulging your online credentials.

Be very wary of any emails that come through, warning you of a potential […]


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