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Useful Tips

Unwanted Software

The main cause of computers working slowly is because of having a lot of unwanted programmes on them. When you buy something like a new printer they tend to come bundled with lots of software, a lot of it you don’t need, and some of it is a trial. The tendency is to install the lot then leave it there. In fact just installing software and then removing can cause a system to slow down.

Have a look at what’s on the disk and just install the basics, then consider whether you really actually need the rest of the software. You will quiet often find you already have a photo editor, a movie player etc etc. If this is the case and it works why bother with a second one? Keep it simple.

From time to time have a look and un-install unwanted or unused software.

Using registry cleaning programmes can cause more problems than they solve so only use them as a last resort.

Backup and Hard Drives

Computers, love them or hate them, we tend to rely on them a lot in our day to day lives.

When they work they are great, when they go wrong they are a big problem.

One of the worst things is loosing all those stored documents, music, movies emails etc. These are all saved on a highly mechanical device called a hard drive. Whilst these are on the whole reliable, they can and do fail usually resulting in loss of data.

Back up often to avoid data loss. Replacing hardware is easy but can be costly, lost data can be priceless.

There are a lot of systems on the market to help you back up. I recommend a large capacity portable USB hard drive. Once your computer is backed up remove the hard drive and store in a safe place.

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